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Sunday January 17th



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Grow Hair Rehabilitation Studio

833 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90802

 In this class we will tackle the plague of the beauty industry “Lengthy Appointment Times”.

Ryan has mastered the technique of shortening a visit to the salon without compromising the high quality result needed to charge premium prices. You will walk away with skills that are even more important now than ever.

 In 2020  we have limited booking restrictions making it necessary to focus on the highest dollar per hour revenue we can garner while ensuring we deliver even better results than before. 


Class will focus on:

- Efficient foil placement for the perfect sun-kissed look.

-Creating bright blondes while eliminating breakage.

-Cutting down time on each appointment.

- Unique & effortless foil placement suitable to achieve any clients desired look.

- Maintaining hair health on repeat appointments.

- How to utilize the same techniques with a 6-10 week fast freshen-up for more frequent coloring. 


Ryan will also demo his go-to Hair Extension coloring method for foolproof, seamless color. 

You will get gorgeous formulas guaranteed to hide extensions in any clients hair. 

In addition,  he will show extension placement  for adding fullness and give you the secrets to the 

"2 panel delight” that changes a clients look in moments using minimal extensions. 


Using these techniques daily at the salon has allowed Ryan to triple his income in only a few short years and successfully rejuvenate many of his clients hair without lengthy appointment times.


Beverly Hills, CA


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