With the use of Extensions Ryan has the ability to fill in/hide Breakage spots and missing sides, bring back youthful Fullness to hair, achieve healthier lighter hair, and add luxurious length.


Ryan Sanger exclusively uses Hair Lingerie Extensions to seamlessly transform his client hair. with this product and method Ryan has the ability to completely customize the color and application for his clients resulting in believable natural looking extensions with out the damage/breakage that is common with other traditional methods and Products.



Fill In 

Who? Clients with breakage, missing, or extremely fine areas wanting to bring back length and fullness to the front, sides, and or bang area


Over all Fullness 

Who? Clients with thin or fine hair looking for a fuller more youthful voluminous look


Length & Fullness

Who? Clients wanting to add 3+ more inches to overall look, filling in adding length and volume threw-out, and enhancing color


Extreme Length 

Who? Clients wanting to add dramatic length    

Depending on where we are starting and the desired look determines the cost of extension services. $200-3000+



Base Color $170+

Face Frame $175+

Low Lights $220+

Partial Highlights/Balayage $300+

Full Highlights/Balayage $450+

Gloss/Toner $75-$150

Bleach+Tone Retouch $325+

Blow Dry $95+

Blow Dry after color $75+​

Olaplex Treatment $40

Moisture or Protein Treatment $85

Japanese Charcoal Treatment $65

Malibu Demineralization Treatment $85

Color Remover $150+

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